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Kanoe West Stage OPEN
Marhule (SK)
Raptor Koch (SK)
Ätna (DE)
Katarzia (SK)
Kris Baha (AUS)
Kriaky Stage Džumelec (SK)
52 Hertz Whale (SK)
From Another Mother (HR)
Ventolin (CZ)
Claudia (ESP)
Trance Kafka (CZ)
Intereztan Čau o piatej: Tomáš Ulej a Vlado Janček
Cestovateľské kino: Jimmy Pé
Seriálový maratón: Rick & Morty 1/2
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Bert & Friends
Mind Enterprises
Kris Baha
Ora The Molecule
52 Hertz Whale
Raptor Koch
Bert & FriendsCZ
Pom Poko FLAAM 2022 NO
Kris BahaAUS
Ora The
52 Hertz WhaleSK
Raptor KochSK
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An island of positive deviation since 2014.

FLAAM is a boutique two-day (mostly) music festival taking place in Nitra, Slovakia. Founded in 2014 by a group of best friends, curious art fans, avid festival goers and some of the BEST people you’ll ever meet, it’s been slowly growing to be one of the most interesting and unique festivals in the country. While following footsteps of its bigger and older airfield-based festival siblings in incorporating all kinds of art into its DNA, we think that FLAAM is a unique festival beast of its own. Why?

BECAUSE IT’S OURS… no, seriously (but it is ONE of the reasons), FLAAM is unique because of its intimate atmosphere (the capacity is limited to 1000 visitors and all the stages are as close to the people as possible), playful approach (which other festival offers its visitors a 3 hour hike to a nearby mountain after partying all night?) and a courage to present fresh and audacious art. You name it – music, theatre, film, design, food, coffee, table tennis – anything people get passionate about could be a part of FLAAM. Except reggae. Unless it’s played by an Icelandic dreadhead techno producer on didgeridoo, we promise that no reggae will be played at FLAAM. EVER.


Iglooghost (UK) / Low Roar (US) / Seward (ES) / Katarzia & Pjoni / Fenster (DE) / Billy Barman / Korben Dallas / Hańba! (PL) / BANFI (UK) / Coals (PL) / Ventolin (CZ) / Chiki Liki Tu-a / Fallgrapp / Mucha (CZ) / Bad Karma Boy / FVLCRVM / LUVVER / Isama Zing / Katarína Máliková / nvmeri / 1flfsoap (CZ) / DJ Vec / Karpov not Kasparov (RO) / Lor (PL) / The High Corporation (CZ) / Subtension / Fresh Out Of The Bus / Jimmy Pé / Ghost of You (CZ) / From Our Hands / Lavagance / Walter Schnitzelsson / Eva Porating / ManMachine (HR) / Vrbovskí Víťazi / MALALATA / Frequency / Bulp / Says / Yanko Král / Imre Kiss (HU) / Tasya (RU) / Exhausted Modern (CZ) / NCOL (CZ) / Inkwall / Ariana (CZ) / Martina Javor / RIAVA / Bobsan / Matwe / Purist DJs / Dornkappel / Tomáš Gregor Band / Still Sparkling / Papermoon Trio / Boyees / The Rabbeats / Computerboy / Abusus / Bilčo / Párovské Hlavy / Italo Mario Italo


„If bigger Slovak festivals such as Pohoda or Grape organised an afterparty, it would look just like FLAAM.”

„If you've had enough of the huge airport festivals, FLAAM offers a great way to experience quality music in a homely atmosphere“
Hospodárske noviny

„Flaam is on its way to becoming one of the leading festivals on the Slovak scene.“
Radio R

„I’d place Flaam on the level of bigger European festivals, as it’s organized well, the atmosphere is brilliant and frankly, I think there hasn’t been anything alike for young people in Nitra so far. It’s in a cool place, the line-up is always fresh and as an artist, who performed at numerous Czech and Slovak festivals, I liked the professional attitude and innovativeness above all. The organizers have brought a breath of fresh air and I think Flaam is an event that not only Nitra, but the whole region can be proud of.”

„Flaam attracts a great community of people who want to enjoy culture, and it doesn’t happen very often that an artist is cared for as well as he is here. We don’t want to miss out on places like this.”
Pišta Kráľovič, FVLCRVM & nvmeri

FLAAM takes place at an outdoor community culture centre – Hidepark in Nitra. The location is great – it’s fairly close to the city centre, so you don’t have to come to the event by car – use your legs, your bike, take a taxi or the public transport. Do something for the environment and you can have a beer or a shot!

ADDRESS: Hidepark Nitra - Kultúrne centrum, Vodná 4675, 94901 Nitra
GPS: 48.314755, 18.068240


After you’re fresh off the bus/train (pun intended), wandering around the station in Nitra, you have multiple choices of how to get to FLAAM. You can take a nice stroll and be there in 25–30 minutes. Just ask the first local you meet, or enter HIDEPARK in your GPS app. You can also use bikesharing, the public transport (bus stop Rázcestie autobusová stanica), or take a taxi. More info below.


Use the multiple taxi services of Nitra or the Bolt (Taxify) app. The advantage of a taxi ride is that it will take you right to the festival gate. Prices are around 2,30–3,50€.

NETOPÍR TAXI:  +421 907 616 161
CITY TAXI:  +421 904 442 255
MOJE TAXI:  +421 903 553 553
TOP TAXI NITRA:  +421 940 550 110
ZOBOR TAXI:  +421 904 929 292


Our partner Arriva operates 7 bikesharing stations in Nitra. One of them is at the bus station which is near the train station. Renting a bike for 24 hours after a free registration costs 3€. More info


The nearest bus stops to the festival area are Párovská (line 7, 30 and 17) and Štúrova (line 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 18, 21, 24, 25, 26, 30, 32, 33 and 99). In the vicinity of both stops there are signs showing you the way to the festival. It takes 5–10 minutes of walking to the area.


If you reeeeally have to… ok then. How do you get to FLAAM?

At the big roundabout near Galéria shopping centre, take the exit before McDonald’s to the Janka Kráľa Street. After a few hundred meters, turn left onto Vodná Street opposite the white building called Fotogaléria Trafačka. You will arrive to a bridge, where you will be asked three magic questions. No, really, the parking service will guide you to our dedicated parking place through the bridge. It’s another 5 minute walk to the festival area from there on.

Flaam is a two-day festival, so if you want to enjoy both days, you’ll have to stay the night. We have a campsite in front of the area with a hygiene zone (wc + showers), camping is free but at your own risk.

However, if you are a sensitive creature and you like comfort, here are some tips where you can book a bed in Nitra: (or maybe check out Airbnb, there are some nice places there, too)

GLYCERIN HOSTEL (10 min walk from the festival site)





You don’t have to bring your pots and pans. And don’t worry, it’s not all just hot dogs and fries. Actually, quite the opposite – since 2020 we have decided to become a completely MEAT-FREE festival. Don’t worry though, our selection of vegan and vegetarian food trucks and stalls will satisfy even the most strong-willed carnivores.

As for drinks, it goes the same. Bringing your own alcohol to the festival is prohibited – there will be great beer, lemonades or mixed drinks for good prices. You will also find awesome specialty coffee at the festival café Rosetta.

FLAAM-21 vs. COVID-19

This year we’re doing Flaam in difficult, pandemic times and therefore we must follow the official guidelines that affect public events. To make Flaam 2021 as safe as possible, we can let in only visitors that:

1. are fully vaccinated, meaning they received the second shot of a two-dose vaccine at least 14 days prior to the festival, or they received the first shot of a one-dose vaccine at least 21 days prior to the festival

2. already had COVID-19 and recovered from it in the last 180 days, and have a valid recovery certificate

3. are unvaccinated (and/or not fully vaccinated according to p.1) but have a valid negative PCR/antigen test no older than 72 hours. There will be a mobile testing site right in front of the festival entrance, operational from 4pm – 10pm on friday and 10am – 10pm on saturday, offering free tests.

Please, have a vaccination certificate, a test certificate or a recovery certificate with you in a print or digital form at your arrival to the festival site.


Those who are the least and the most experienced or disadvantaged have a discounted ticket.

Children up to 12 have a free entry if accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Pensioners have to show their ticket and retirement licence at the entrance. Not sure if there is such a thing, but we’ve seen it at other festivals, so probably there is.

Those with ZŤP and ZŤP-S (severe health disability) licence have to show it at the entrance.

Discounted tickets can only be bought via the online platformGoOut


We welcome pets of all sizes, shapes and colors. Just be mindful whether your pet welcomes noisy and crowded festivals.


Don’t be silly and have a beer instead. Maybe borovička or wine! Distribution of narcotics is illegal at Flaam festival – as it is in the whole of Slovakia.

Flaam takes place at the now legendary Hidepark in Nitra. It took volunteers 10 years to transform a former junkyard into this unique outdoor cultural and community centre.

It is near the historical centre of Nitra, just over the river with a view of Zobor. Besides a large area with containers for gigs, movies and seminars, it has a community garden and a community kindergarten.

Hidepark absolutely deserves to be called “little Berlin” by many, and we are ever so happy that Flaam is its most attended event of the year.

more info:

Captain / Booking / PR & Media
Marián Tesák
+421 910 169 531

Artist Production / Booking
Martin Zaujec
+421 907 236 230

Artist Production / Booking
Jonáš Verešpej
+420 777 434 318

Chief of Technical Operations
Martin Švolík
+421 908 541 884

Zuzka Mráziková
+421 910 579 344

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