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A small playground for big kids. A two-day battle with summer boredom. Flaam.

Flaam Festival Hidepark Nitra

Founded in 2014 by a group of best friends, curious art fans, avid festival goers, it has grown into one of the most interesting and unique international summer festivals in Slovakia, which is completely (but utterly) different from all the others. At least we think so. Why?

Flaam is unique because of its intimate atmosphere (the capacity is limited to 1200 visitors and all the stages are as close to the people in front of them as possible), playful approach (which other festival offers its visitors a 3 hour hike to a nearby mountain after partying all night?) and a courage to present fresh and audacious art. You name it – music, theatre, film, design, food, coffee, table tennis – anything people get passionate about could be a part of Flaam. Except reggae. Unless it’s played by an Icelandic dreadhead techno producer on didgeridoo, we promise that no reggae will be played at Flaam. EVER.

Been there, played that

Sega Bodega (UK) / HMLTD (UK) / Low Roar solo (US) / Iglooghost (UK) / ÄTNA (DE) / Mind Enterprises (IT) / Sykur (IS) / Ora The Molecule (INTL) / Kris Baha (AUS) / Seward (ES) / Katarzia & Pjoni / FVLCRVM / Saul / Coals (PL) / Fenster (DE) / Bert & Friends (CZ) / Katarzia / Billy Barman / Korben Dallas / Poly Chain (UA) / Hańba! (PL) / BANFI (UK) / Ventolin (CZ)/ HRTL (CZ) / Chiki Liki Tu-a / Bulp / Fallgrapp / Mucha (CZ) / Bad Karma Boy / LUVVER / Karpov not Kasparov (RO) / Hyphen Dash (UA) / Katarína Máliková / Isama Zing / God and Eve / nvmeri / Tamara Kramar / 52 Hertz Whale / P/\ST / Westdale (CA) / Market (CZ) / 1flfsoap (CZ) / Nina Kohout / DJ Vec / Raptor Koch / Monster (PL) / Lor (PL) / The High Corporation (CZ) / Subtension / Fresh Out Of The Bus / Jimmy Pé / Ghost of You (CZ) / Oliver Torr & David Herzig / From Our Hands / From Another Mother (HR) / Lavagance / Walter Schnitzelsson / DIS IS MARKĒTA / Marhule / Small Town Life / Eva Porating / ManMachine (HR) / Vrbovskí Víťazi / MALALATA / Facheroia (UA) / fleika (CZ) / Frequency / TIMEA (SK) / Says / Yanko Kral / Imre Kiss (HU) / Claudia (ES) / Tasya (RU) / LDY OSC (MX) / Exhausted Modern (CZ) / Trance Kafka (CZ) / NCOL (CZ) / New Magic Media (CZ) / Clutch at Straws (AT) / Inkwall / Ariana (CZ) / Martina Javor / Zabiť Františka / Džumelec / wnchnz & odm / RIAVA / DJ Rafo / Bobsan / Matwe / Purist DJs / Dornkappel / Tomáš Gregor Band / Still Sparkling / meowlau X val / Martin Kukučka – Drumology / Papermoon Trio / Boyees / The Rabbeats /Computerboy / Abusus / Tuzex Orchestra / Bilčo / Párovské Hlavy / Italo Mario Italo

Flaam is great! Told you so!

"Flaam is not a full stop, but an exclamation point at the end of the summer."

"Why are you here?" Another question that came from two strangers on the first night. The answer "Because I've never been here" only brought more questions. I'm looking forward to answering next year: because I was here last year.”
Full Moon Magazine

„I can hardly recall an event where practically everything was finely detailed with such precision.”

“The singer's sweat hit my eyes. I love it here.”
enthusiastic visitor after one of the gigs

„I don’t like festivals. I work in the music industry so the last thing I want to do is watch bands for fun. Flaam didn’t change my mind about all that, but it did change my mind about festivals called Flaam and watching bands at Flaam. It’s tiny, so the bar is never far away, and a smaller crowd means a smaller chance of meeting assholes, and indeed everyone at Flaam seemed to be almost supernaturally friendly. The production was really good, the food and drink excellent and the weather was perfect. Hell, I even enjoyed the music. It ran until the early hours in the morning, by which time I was curled up in bed, pretty drunk, stomach full, and very, very happy."
Andy Inglis – Scottish music manager (Savages, SOHN, Novo Amor) and agency head

"If you go to a smaller Slovak festival, it has to be Flaam. That's something incredible! Top dramaturgy. Top production. Ultramood. We hope it wasn't the last time!"
P/\ST band

„What do I consider the cultural event of the year? Flaam festival in Nitra, which is organised by very clever Nitrians and they bring original ideas, also when it comes to curating and lighting the steamparks. Their organisation, ideas, visuals and the overall atmosphere and vibe of the festival are on an international level”
Katarzia, singer and producer for Denník N

„After two days of gigs, theatre, lectures and cycling exploring Nitra – one can hardly help thinking about what they have experienced and become convinced that smaller festivals like Flaam make a huge sense not only in terms of building up the local music infrastructure, but also as a motivation to discover the place and the city in which they take place. Well done, Flaam!”

“I lost a friend there, but I found her right away. Small festivals ftw!”
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